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This page contains links to relevant organisations and information which might be of interest. Please contact if you know of an Internet resource which might be relevant here.

ISDS (International Sheep Dog Society)
The ISDS is the registration organisation for working Border Collies in the UK. They are also partly responsible for the BVA / KC / ISDS Eye Scheme. The website contains details on the ISDS rules for breeding and registration of Border Collies with respect to their CEA and PRA (Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy) status.

The Kennel Club
The Kennel Club is the registration body for pedigree dogs in the UK. Their website contains information on a number of health schemes including the BVA / KC / ISDS Eye Scheme.

The British Veterinary Association
BVA Eye Panelists are qualified to carry out the BVA / KC / ISDS Eye Scheme examinations.

Inherited Diseases in Dogs Database
Compiled by Dr David Sargan, of the University of Cambridge Department of Veterinary Medicine, this searchable database identifies inherited (genetic) diseases of dogs and the breeds they affect.

Dr David L Williams, Veterinary Ophthalmologist
This website provides an excellent veterinary ophthalmology resource for Veterinary Surgeons and students.

Optigen provide the CEA / choroidal hypoplasia genetic test which can be used in conjunction with ophthalmoscopic examination to establish the CEA status of dogs.

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