Rough Collie
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About this Website

"The Collie Eye" was created as part of a final year elective project by Katriona Stitt, a veterinary student at the University of Cambridge. It is currently being maintained by the author on a not-for-profit basis.

The material in the website is based on a literature review by the author which will be available for download from here in due course.


I would like to thank Dr David Sargan, of the University of Cambridge, for supervising this project.

I would also like to thank Dr David Williams, also of the University of Cambridge, for his teaching in Ophthalmology, and his kind permission to use some of his photographs on this website.

Thanks also to everyone who offered me their photographs to use! Not all of them could be included in the end, but your kind offers were appreciated.

This website is kindly hosted by Matthew Byng-Maddick on his server,